Diagnosing TMJ Disorder

The First Step Toward Relief in Alexandria

The Academy of General Dentistry has published studies showing that 1 in 8 Americans suffer from headaches. Furthermore, the National Institute of Health estimates that more than 10 million Americans have problems affecting their jaw joints and muscles. Statistics like that are why we chose to offer TMJ Disorder treatments to our patients. We really care about your health and comfort and will do everything in our power to help you find relief.

How Will You Diagnose my TMJ Disorder?

Diagnosis and evaluation is an essential part of TMD treatment. Knowing exactly what is causing your TMJ Disorder helps us create the most comfortable and effective treatment solutions possible. We use a variety of high-tech diagnostic tools such as Doppler Auscultation – an ultrasound technology that helps us listen to the vibrating surfaces – and transcranial radiographs to reveal joint damage, fractures or tumors that could be contributing to your TMJ disorder.

It’s your first step toward relief.

Diagnosing TMJ Disorder The First Step Toward Relief in Alexandria

Patient Testimonials

My family have been patients of Dr. Kling for more than 25 years. Dr. Kling is an outstanding dentist. His staff is wonderful and it is always a pleasure to visit the office. I used to fear going to the dentist, but after my first visit with Dr. Kling, I no longer feared going to the dentist.

- Lynn S.
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