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Press Release: March 20th IS WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY

When you go to the dentist, whether it is your first visit or if you’ve been a patient for 20 years, stop and think how did your exam go down? I have written dental press releases for 30 years and I have never had a more thorough New Patient Exam than with Dr. John Kling II, DDS. 

I was first greeted by Tasha, Dr. Kling’s head assistant. She gave me a tour of the office. As I walked down the hall I got a glimpse of Dr. Kling’s accreditations with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the Academy of General Dentistry. Only 4 dentists hold this honor in Virginia with the AACD. Stop and think, is your dentist accredited? What type of experience do they actually have? I also noted a framed article where Dr. Kling had done pro bono work for a domestic violence survivor through the GBAS program. Tasha showed me their extensive sterilization area, a very important component patients may take for granted. Is your office clean and meets standards?

Afterwards, I followed Tasha into the consultation room. Tasha and I chatted a bit discussing any past or present dental concerns I may have. She relayed my information to Dr. Kling who arrived only a few minutes later to chat then escorts me back to his operatory. Dr. Kling and Tasha work together as a great team. They do a thorough exam charting all of my past dental work into their computer software. Also, charting any new work that needs to be done. Diagnostic x-rays were taken to check for decay between my teeth and a panorex that checks much more than just the health of your wisdom teeth. A panorex can detect cysts, tumors, carotid arteries, as well as confirm healthy boneand condyle structure. High resolution camera pictures were also taken to note any areas of breakdown. This is extremely helpful if there is any future need for restorations. Dr. Kling performed a thorough oral cancer screening with a high tech hand held device called Velscope. A blue light shines in your mouth detecting any abnormalities. If it reveals a greenish white color this is normal, a darker image should be checked out. Early detection is the key! Stressed out? Dr. Kling actually uses a mini Doppler ultrasound on your jaw points to check for clenching and grinding. A stethoscope was then followed while Dr. Kling listened for clicking and popping in my jaw. Another early detector that can be diagnosed and treated. Soon after periodontal charting was performed. This is a procedure that should be performed at least once a year to measure for any inflammation or bone loss. Whether you are searching for cosmetic services, a restorative dentist, or just a dental home these are necessary qualities you should look for.

Instead of just making sure the dentist you choose is on your insurance list also check for these merits.

  • Does your dentist have their Mastership with the Academy of General Dentistry?
  • Is your dentist accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry?
  • Is your dentist a member of the Pankey Institute? 50 years of experience delivering postgraduate dental education, the Pankey Institute is the one place where dentists who aspire to provide individualized, comprehensive dentistry become equipped with the behavioral and clinical knowledge they need to be successful treating their patients.

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