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Dr. John Kling really does care about you as an individual and gets to know you on a unique and deeply personal level. Our patients trust us, share their lives with us, and ultimately become more than patients; they become friends. We are proud of them and are really pleased and proud of the smiles they share with the world.

Betty Ann

Betty had an old PFM crown that didn’t look natural at all. She disliked the dark line at the gum and wanted to replace the crown with something that would look natural and beautiful in her smile. We replaced the old crown with a beautiful new all-porcelain crown and now just look at that smile!


Chris’ teeth were crooked and crowded. We decided to correct his smile with Invisalign clear braces, the perfect choice for adult smile straightening. He has recently completed treatment and his smile looks great!


Steve had ugly, dark and leaking amalgam fillings. We replaced them with all-ceramic onlays and now his teeth look so natural, no one will know he has had any dental work done at all!


Brand’s teeth had been repaired with resin in the past and they had become severely discolored. We replaced them with full resin veneers making his smile look fresh, healthy, and confident. Plus, no anesthetic was needed!


A motor vehicle accident resulted in the complete loss of Natalie’s front tooth. We replaced it with a stable implant restoration and a gorgeous crown that blended perfectly into her smile. Now, she can eat and laugh with complete confidence.


Linda’s front teeth were repaired with mismatched porcelain fused to metal crowns making her smile look uneven and discolored. We replaced them with all-porcelain crowns. And now, just look at her glow!


Christopher’s teeth just weren’t as white as they could be. We performed an in-office whitening and brightened them for a brighter, more appealing smile.


Janis’ smile was blemished by old, discolored, and leaking veneers. We replaced her old veneers with gorgeous, new porcelain veneers. Now, her smile looks younger, brighter, and more confident!


When Sarah first came to see us, her bulky prepless veneers made her smile appear unnatural. We replaced the old veneers with all-porcelain veneers which transformed Sarah’s teeth and created a naturally beautiful smile.

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