The Art of Cosmetic Dental Bonding

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Do you have minor damage or discoloration that you are tired of hiding? Do you have a chip, crack or stain that doesn’t really warrant a major restoration? Is your smile making you uncomfortable but you don’t want the commitment of porcelain veneers? Maybe it is time to consider the ease and convenience of direct dental bonding.

Why Should I Choose Dental Bonding from Dr. Kling?

Both conservative and less of an investment, dental bonding requires less preparation of the tooth than a porcelain veneer or crown. It does, however, take a special touch to make direct bonding look and feel natural.

Dental bonding created by Dr. John Kling is sure to look and feel natural in your smile – never flat, unnatural and detectable to the tongue. Why? Dr. Kling’s eye for aesthetics and his artist’s touch ensure that each custom shaded and applied dental bonding will match your natural teeth so that it is virtually invisible in your smile.

Dental bonding allows us to perfect your smile in one easy visit – we simply prepare the surface of your tooth, apply a bonding material to your prepared tooth, and carefully sculpt composite resin to fill gaps, repair chips, restore small cavities or cover minor stains.

If you think dental bonding might be for you, give us a call at 703-299-8444. We’d love to discuss your options. Remember, we really do listen to your needs and are here to help you find the restorative dental treatment that is best for you.

The Art of Cosmetic Dental Bonding The Perfection Alexandria Patients Rely On

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Very professional and made my teeth and gums feel so clean and healthy!

- Clay H.
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