Washington DC Tooth Recontouring

Simply Sculpted, Simply Perfect

Sometimes all your smile needs to look beautifully perfected is a little smoothing. It’s true! Tooth contouring is a simple and painless treatment that can actually make a rather dramatic difference in your smile.

Is Tooth Contouring for Me?

Just imagine – an uneven tooth line, overly prominent canines, long teeth, disproportionate front teeth, worn teeth can all be gently sculpted, shaped and smoothed to perfection. Tooth recontouring can even be used to quickly buff out chips and cracks.

What is Tooth Recontouring?

Tooth recontouring gently and quickly reshapes teeth, creating greater harmony and balance in your smile’s appearance. Dr. Kling uses a delicate sanding disk and a jeweler’s precision, to shape and adjust the surfaces of your teeth. Since only the surface of the tooth is contoured, anesthesia is rarely needed and the procedure can be completed in one easy visit.

The results? A beautifully perfected smile – simply and conservatively.

Washington DC Tooth Recontouring Simply Sculpted, Simply Perfect

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Kling did the dentistry for a molar implant. My visits were terrific. On time, focused, concerned about my comfort and marvelous communication between staff and patient. Dr. K is a friendly, empathetic man who is a skilled craftsman. All good.

- anonymous
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