Periodontal Therapy

Getting Alexandria’s Gums Healthy

Gum disease is serious. Yet, we see people every day who have gum disease and don’t know it. How does that happen? Often, gum disease has no symptoms. That is why we evaluate your gums at every visit. And because periodontal disease starts with a build-up of bacteria, plaque and tartar, we encourage our patients to stay consistent with their regularly scheduled cleanings.

How do You Treat Periodontal Disease?

If we discover the presence of gum disease, we have wonderful and easy methods to treat and reverse it.

We start with a thorough cleaning and scaling with our ultrasonic cleaner to purify, stimulate and heal. If you have had a saliva test, further treatment can be completely customized and much more effective.

Depending on the pathogens in your mouth, we will prescribe specific antibiotics – no more one size fits all prescriptions! Of course, we also directly treat the infection sites with Arestin, a micro sphere antibiotic that stays under the gum for up to 21 days.

If you haven’t had a cleaning in some time, or if your gums bleed when you brush or floss, please give us a call at 703-299-8444 right away. Together, we can stop gum disease and keep you healthy for life.

Patient Testimonials

Everyone was pleasant and helpful. Everything that was done was thoroughly explained beforehand and performed with my comfort in mind. All the staff were professional.

- Joan A.
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