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Smile – These Restorations are Gorgeous and Comfortable!

Missing a tooth or teeth can be devastating; especially in such a fast paced, high-powered area as the one we live and work in. It can make you feel like hiding your smile, skipping social occasions and it could even affect your career. Fortunately, Dr. Kling offers beautiful, comfortable and balanced bridges and dentures to help our patients get back to life, all with such genuine empathy and unsurpassed skill that you can relax and smile, even during the planning and restoration process.

Beautiful Fixed Bridges

If you are missing one or more teeth, our cosmetic, fixed dental bridges can keep your remaining teeth from shifting while helping you look and feel better too. How? Bridges restore proper bite function, keep your jaw balanced and let you chew and speak in a natural way.

Our dental bridges are artfully designed, non-removable dental appliances consisting of a natural looking false tooth or teeth permanently placed between your healthy teeth. The bridge is held in place by porcelain crowns, which literally create a bridge over the gap.

Dentures You can Actually Enjoy

While losing your teeth can make you feel terribly alone and frustrated, you have joined the ranks of millions of people who live without most of their teeth, including a long list of people in the public eye. Even Clark Gable and James Dean had dentures!

Cosmetic dentures created by Dr. John Kling are so superbly comfortable and skillfully balanced, they fit and function as close to your own teeth as possible, while looking like nature herself created them for you. These teeth are made of materials that mimic natural tooth structure and shading while also mimicking the strength and durability of natural enamel.

For more information about how our beautiful cosmetic dentures can give you a comfortable, balanced bite and a gorgeous smile, give us a call today at 703-299-8444!

Patient Testimonials

You ALL came through for me in a big way when an unexpected dental issue arose recently. You got me in right away to address the problem for which I am very grateful. I’ve been a patient for many years and have had the usual 2x/yr office visits which I would rate 5 star as well. It is equally comforting to know you take such good care for patient needs when the issue is out of the ordinary and requires immediate attention. Thank you!

- Andrew S.
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