Alexandria, VA TMJ Disorder Treatment

Relief is within Reach

Do you suffer from mystifying and difficult to treat headaches, jaw soreness or facial and upper body pain? What you might be enduring is Temporomandibular Joint Disease (also known as TMD or TMJ) and millions of people suffer from it every day. The pain and discomfort of TMD can sap the zest from life, making work and play equally difficult.

We understand your pain and are here to help.

Helping patients find relief from pain and discomfort is one of the reasons Dr. Kling chose to practice dentistry, and TMD dentistry lets him do just that.

Even our office is designed to be soothing and restful, something TMD patients really appreciate. Dr. Kling and his staff are here to listen, support and help you find a way to live life fully again – without invasive procedures or painkillers.

This is skillful dentistry performed with compassion.

Alexandria, VA TMJ Disorder Treatment Relief is within Reach

Patient Testimonials

Dr Kling has a very professional yet warm way of working with his patients. Sarah who assisted him is very knowledgeable and I felt educated about my procedure.

- Kimberly
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