Why do I have to update my health history?

added on: April 19, 2018 | By: Sarah Merkle

“Why does my dental practice ask that I update my medical/health information? Nothing has changed.”  

At the first appointment a new patient will complete a medical history overview which includes medications, medical conditions and past hospitalizations. Periodically, it is important to update the information so dentists and hygienists can be aware of changes that might impact a patient’s overall health.

Healthcare practitioners now have a better understanding of how oral health may impact a person’s overall health and vice versa.  Many diseases, such as diabetes, can affect a patient’s oral health and increase the risk of periodontal disease.

Some health conditions and medications may directly impact the type of dental procedures that can be performed. For example liver disease, aspirin and some herbal preparations may interfere with blood clotting.  It is important that this information is relayed to both the dentist and dental hygienist.  Always let us know if you have had any recent surgeries or hospitalizations, even if they are minor as they can also directly affect your care.

Please be assured that any shared medical information is kept in strictest confidence. The Kling dental team truly cares about your overall health and strives to give you the best care possible.

By: Cheryl Klingler

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