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We are here to educate, inform and help you smile! Do you have questions about your dental care? Of course you do! Though we are always here to discuss your concerns and help you through your concerns, we know that it isn’t always convenient to call us. Here are five of our most frequently asked questions and answers. If you don’t find the answer you need, give us a call at 703-299-8444! We’d be more than happy to chat with you.

Why Do I Need to Have X-Rays?

Dental radiographs are an important diagnostic tool to aid Dr. Kling in the diagnosis and identification of dental disease and problems in the early stages. We are aware of concerns about radiation exposure and take every measure to ensure your safety. Dr. Kling uses a digital x-ray system, which significantly decreases the amount of radiation. Digital radiography allows Dr. Kling to adjust contrast, brightness and clarity to identify even the smallest areas of decay.

How Often Do You Take X-Rays?

We often take check up x-rays (BWX) every year as a diagnostic tool in addition to an oral exam to aid in early detection of dental decay or other problems. Dr. Kling does take the individual patient and their health history and oral status into account when determining if and when radiographs are needed.

Why Do You Have To Do That Poking Thing?

Periodontal measurements, or probing, is a diagnostic tool that helps us determine if you have active gum disease. We use a periodontal probe and walk it gently the tooth under the gum tissue to determine the attachment level of the gingival tissue to the tooth. In a healthy mouth, the numbers one, two, three will be called out because the gum tissue is tightly hugging the tooth. This prevents food and bacteria from slipping in underneath the gingiva potentially causing gum disease. If the numbers are higher, this indicates gum infection and inflammation. When gum disease is caught in the early stages it is easier and less costly to treat. Studies are now linking gum disease to other conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol, so probing is an important tool in keeping your mouth and body as healthy as possible.

Why Did My Dental Insurance Deny Coverage or State that Treatment Was Unnecessary?

Some plans will only pay for the least expensive procedure to treat a dental need, regardless of the treatment selected by you and your dentist. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain optimal health care, which may not necessarily be your dental insurances companies’ goal. Often, their goal is only to provide you with the negotiated benefit for the specific procedure.

Why Can’t I Have a Cleaning Appointment on the Same Day as My New Patient Comprehensive Exam?

Your new patient exam is, first and foremost, and opportunity to get acquainted and to help you feel welcome, Dr. Kling will actively listen to your questions, concerns and opinions in order to get to know you as a unique individual and to discover your oral health and appearance. If you have expressed concern about how our teeth look, we will do and esthetic evaluation taking into consideration size, shape, color and all the facets of what makes you beautifully unique. He will gather data about your chewing muscles, jaw joints and how your teeth come together, examine and chart existing restorations (like making a map of your mouth), document any existing decay, note concerns that may cause future decay, fractures and wear patterns. The evaluation of the health of your gums and other soft tissue in your mouth will help us determine what type of cleaning and the length of the appointment the hygienist needs to properly care for you. We feel each person is an individual and has individual dental needs. The front office will do their best to accommodate your and our schedule.

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Dr. Kling did the dentistry for a molar implant. My visits were terrific. On time, focused, concerned about my comfort and marvelous communication between staff and patient. Dr. K is a friendly, empathetic man who is a skilled craftsman. All good.

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